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Aydan - The Voice Finalist

Fresh from his Grand Final appearance on The Voice Australia and off the back of his new single Something About You, the demand for this young man is high. 

Reality television alumni, Aydan has already had appearances on Young Talent Time and Australia’s Got Talent but it was his impressive performances on The Voice that had the coaches sold on this super star in the making. Aydan was a member of Team Jonas and Joe continues to be a mentor and supporter of his career, describing him as “My little pop star” and offering to write songs and collaborate with him on future projects. 

At the tender age of eleven, Aydan shared the stage with Tina Arena as they were both the youngest members of Young Talent Time, "Tina was the youngest member of Young Talent Time Kids and some years later, so was I, which is why we related so well to each other" said Aydan. Click here to view Aydan's performance with Tina Arena. 

"Since I started so young I had plenty of time to learn different instruments and be the best artist that I could be" said Aydan. "I was once told it takes five years to make an overnight sensation, it's defintely not luck, it's opportunity meets preperation" he added.

Now seventeen and ready to tackle anything that comes his way,  Aydan tours nationally and brings a very special all ages performance, which includes his band and choreographed dance performance. Fans can expect to hear some of the most successful and favourite songs sung on The Voice including Despacito, Runaway Baby and more. 
Aydan’s debut single Something About You was released through Universal Music straight after The Voice and people are loving it! Click here to take a look!

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Sarah McLeod - The Superjesus

Twenty years on from their platinum selling album Sumo hitting number two on the ARIA Chart (and with a few ARIA Awards in the trophy cabinet), The Superjesus are back with an anniversary edition of their celebrated 1998 debut, which has just been released. As well as seeing the original album reissued on vinyl, the CD edition of Sumo – 20th Anniversary features bonus material sourced from triple j’s Live At The Wireless archive, as well as a never before heard studio recording: a Superjesus cover of Kylie Minogue’s Confide In Me. The Superjesus will be hitting the road with an epic stack of gig dates fans had better get ready to see Adelaide’s finest ‘90s alternative rock band!

Front women Sarah McLeod said "It's like my baby is all grown up now, out of nappies and ready for college - it's a really strange feeling re-learning our songs from twenty years ago, i've been having some crazy flashbacks to us in the studio when we first recorded them". 

Included in this massive Sumo re-release is the never-before-heard version of Kylie Minogue’s Confide In Me by The Superjesus. The track holds particular pertinence for frontwoman Sarah McLeod, since it was the number one single on the ARIA Singles Chart the month in which The Superjesus first formed in 1994. 

"We were messing around with the song and created a really dirty heavy rift, much like something Black Sabbath would play. We striped the living sh*t out of the pop song, but I kept the vocal melody because that is where the magic is" said McLeod. 

Adelaide born Sarah said "I get to spend more time at home in Adelaide now than ever before. I'm obsessed with the laksa at Asian Gourmet in the Central Market, plus the band all still live in Adelaide, so it's great whenever I go back. 

McLeod has been on quite a journey over the past twenty years "I feel like i've come full circle, i've played with a load of different muso's around the world and now i've come back to where it started. Touring is really addictive and i'm ready to get back into it!" she said. 

The Superjesus are set to hit the road later this year to celebrate all things Sumo – and the experienced rockers are more than ready to give fans what they’ve been waiting for. Sarah says, “Touring is all about stamina and momentum. In the 90's we used to tour non-stop, we would play 5 to 6 nights a week for months to years at a time. This kind of momentum makes the band so incredibly tight - nothing else on earth can make a band better than by playing every night in front of a crowd. Since the 90's we have not toured like this… We want to embark on this tour with no fear like we did then!” 

It’s going to be one hell of a show, the band will play Sumo in full, and will also follow up with some faves as well!


CLICK HERE - The Superjesus - Confide In Me (Kylie Minogue Cover)



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